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License API for software developers and companies

bool bool_result = CheckValidness.isValid(string _licensePath, string _UID, string _securekey, string _softwareName,string _registryName)

_licensePath    : file path of license file(.ssLic)
_UID        : UID of target/client system
_securekey    : complex string for making license more secure
_softwareName    : name of the software(unique identifier if your company has other softwares for license)
_registryName    : for protected trial mode create registry name(unique for different softwares)

bool_result     : true     = (1.if License provided is valid of current desktop having '_UID' for the software '_softwareName' or 2. If the Free Trial period is still valid)
        : false    = (1.if License provided is not for current system, license is not real or 2. Trial Period is over)



TrialModeInfo.createTrial(string _registryName, string UID, string _securekey,int _trialDays)                      
_trialDays    : no of trial days you want to add

Nullable<bool> bool_result = TrialModeInfo.isTrial(string _licensePath,string _UID,string _securekey,string _softwareName,string _registryName)
bool_result     : null     = if license is found and trial period is not going to check
        : true     = (If the Free Trial period is still valid)
        : false    = (Trial Period is over)

Nullable<bool> bool_result = TrialModeInfo.Trial_RegistryExists(string _registryName)
bool_result     : true    = if trial registry key not found
        : false    = if trial registry key found

Nullable<DateTime> dt    = TrialModeInfo.Trial_Starts(string _registryName)
dt        : if trial starting date exists in registry it returns decrypted date, if date is manupulated or not exists yet it returns null
Nullable<DateTime> dt    = TrialModeInfo.Trial_Ends(string _registryName)
dt        : if trial ending date exists in registry it returns decrypted date, if date is manupulated or not exists yet it returns null

double _double    : TrialModeInfo.TrialEndDays(string _registryName, string UID, string _securekey)
_double        : decrypts the trial period from dates stored in registry (left trial period days basically it returns integer as number of days)


//Reload the license for getting license info anytime untile the software running
Nullable<bool> bool_result= GetLicense_Info.Reload(string _licensePath, string _UID, string _securekey,string _softwareName)
bool_result     : null     = license not exists at path
        : true     = (if the license is valid for running system)
        : false    = (if license is not valid for running system)

//after the realod if license is valid you can get any information from license from these functions
    public class GetLicense_Info
        public string UID ()

        public string Customer_Id ()
        public string Customer_Name ()
        public string Customer_Business ()
        public string Customer_Location ()
        public string Customer_Contact ()
        public string Customer_Mail ()

        public string Distributor_Id ()
        public string Distributor_Name ()
        public string Distributor_Location ()
        public DateTime Distributor_Service_starts ()
        public DateTime Distributor_Service_ends ()
        public string Distributor_Contact ()
        public string Distributor_Mail ()

        public DateTime License_Creation ()
        public DateTime License_Starts ()
        public DateTime License_Ends ()
        public DateTime License_Updated ()

        public string Software_Name ()
        public int Max_Users ()

        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_1 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_2 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_3 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_4 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_5 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_6 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_7 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_8 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_9 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_10 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_11 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_12 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_13 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_14 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_15 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_16 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_17 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_18 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_19 ()
        public Nullable<bool> Software_Feature_20 ()




string _result     = GenerateLicense.StartProcess(string _licensekey,string _softwareName,string UID,string _securekey,string _licensePath, bool _checkDateTimeOnline)
_result        : "Done" (license generated from _licensekey)
        : "License not Started yet! Will start from :" (system datetime is not in between license period datetime)
        : "License is Expired! Ended at : " (system datetime is greater than license period datetime)
        : "Connect to Internet" (connect to internet for checking datetime online for more security)
        : "License Key is not valid for this Computer System" (license and running system UID are not same)
        : "Wrong key for this System, Try again!" (invalid license key)
        : "License key is Empty" (provided license has no string)


string _result     = HardwareInfo.GenerateUID(string _softwareName,string _securekey)
_result        : UID (unique identification for system generated from same CPU and Motherboard)

//other features that may you can use for license security
string HardwareInfo.GetLocalIPAddress()
string GetPublicIpAddress()
List<string> GetDrives()
string myDrives_info(string drivename)
string GetDiskVolumeSerialNumber()
string GetProcessorId()
string GetMotherboardID()
string GetMacAddress()


bool _result    = InternetConn.CheckConnection()
_result    : true,false

Nullable<DateTime> _dt    = InternetConn.GetDateTime()
_dt    : gets date from internet (depending of CultureInfo and DateTimeStyles.AssumeUniversal of system)

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