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How do you get License?

for accounting billing software solutions, pathology lab software and for all of our paid products

Don't Send Money until you verify your Details in License!!

Follow the simple Steps first

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Step 1

Download & Install a Trial software, Let us know if you need any help for installation or watch our Youtube Tutorials

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Step 2

Contact us on WhatsApp or Mail, let us know which features you like to buy & UID number

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Step 3

After giving us info, Goto Login window, Click on Check License button to verify details


Step 4

Once you verify all details & features you wanted are there, you can pay us through Google Pay or UPI

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Step 5

Once we confirm payment, click again on Check License, new download button will be visible, you can download your license directly

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Step 6

Restart the Application, Congratulations you have activated your license!

*Please do not pay until you verify License Info, and do not pay other number than System Soul Software we have provided